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Welcome to Merridale Cidery

9 Reasons to Visit Merridale Cidery on Vancouver Island

There are countless reasons to visit Merridale Cidery. I’ve listed 9 of them here, all of which place it near the top if my list of local Cowichan Valley tours. Merridale Cidery is located on the southeast coast of Vancouver Island between Victoria and Nanaimo. Follow the Wine Route signs from the main ...

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Photography: Rule of Thirds

Photography: 10 Composition and Creativity Tips

I’ve shared a whole schwack of photo tips over the past several weeks: Camera Setup and Shoot Planning Exposure and Camera Settings Focusing and Sharpness Lighting and Colour Now that we’ve covered the technical aspects, we will be getting into the fun part with some composition and creativity tips. In photography, ...

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Ventures in Wine Country Logo

Ventures in Wine Country – TV for Wine Lovers

I’m a wine lover, this is no secret. Just this past weekend I visited four Cowichan Valley wineries, but I’ll tell you more about that later. Right now I want to tell you about a vine-to-glass television series set in our very own back yard that could be coming to a screen ...

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Lynn Canyon, Vancouver, Canada - © 2011 Mariska Richters Photography

Photography: 10 Lighting and Colour Tips

In the past few weeks we have covered camera setup and shoot planning, exposure and camera settings, and focusing and sharpness. Today I’ll be sharing some lighting and colour tips to help advance your photography skills even further. 10 Lighting and Colour Tips Take Advantage of Cloudy Days – You don’t need to wait for ...

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Russells Farm Veggies

Shop Local: Russell Farms Market

One of the things I’m loving about living on Vancouver Island is that the local community makes a great effort to shop local and support the small businesses within the community. One of my favourite parts of this is the local farmer’s markets. I love my weekly fruit and veggie stock ...

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Studio Portrait - Focus on the Eyes

Photography: 10 Focusing and Sharpness Tips

In the past couple of weeks I’ve shared some photography tips with you relating to camera setup and shoot planning, as well as exposure and camera settings. Today I’ll be covering 10 focusing and sharpness tips to help improve your photography even more.  Get Tack Sharp Images – 10 Focusing and Sharpness Tips ...

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Must-Have Travel Apps for iPhone

10 Must-Have Travel Apps For iPhone

I like to be organized when I travel to ensure I have a stress-free experience. Thankfully, there are some great travel apps for iPhone to help with this from planning a trip, to being on the ground at the destination, to connectivity with friends and family back home. So without further ado, here are my ...

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Camera Settings - Nikon D7000

Photography: 10 Exposure and Camera Setting Tips

Last week’s I shared some tips about camera setup and shoot planning, this week I’ll be sharing tips about exposure and camera settings. There are some basic tips here as well as a few for more advanced photographers. I hope there’s something here you are able to learn from, and I’d love to ...

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Vancouver Island Garter Snake

Wildlife: Vancouver Island Garter Snake

I ran into this Vancouver Island garter snake yesterday while watering the garden and managed to get quite close to take this video. He was actually quite curious and came to check out my iPhone while I took the video before slithering away. About Garter Snakes Most garter snakes have ...

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Olympic Spirit Project Postcard Pack

Olympic Spirit Project Postcards Are Here!

I’m so excited to announce that the Olympic Spirit Project postcards are now available in the online store! YAY!!!  Why Are Olympic Spirit Project Postcards Awesome? Cards Included in the Olympic Spirit Project Postcard Pack: The 5-pack of postcards is available for only $17.95 while they last. If you’re interested in purchasing individual ...

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