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About Mariska Richters

Mariska Richters in ParksvilleOver the past several years, I’ve watched many friends pack up and transform their dreary office days into their dream life of freedom. I’ve always ached to do the same but have had a constant nagging feeling that I needed to get certain things in place before I could make it my reality. Then I came to the realization, that perfection is procrastination. The circumstances will NEVER be perfect and plans will never be seamless. It was time to take a leap of faith and JUMP!

So a few years ago I left Vancouver, moved what possessions I had left after my “big purge” into storage, took Roxie to stay with family, and I took my leap. I will use this blog to share my journey, photography, experiences and personal growth with you as I live and discover a whole new way of life.

How-I-Fit-Shakeology-Into-My-BudgetHealth & Fitness Coaching

I’ve recently discovered a passion for coaching people to achieving their personal health and fitness goals. It inspires me to see people commit, put in the time and the work and I am always so surprised at how quickly the results show up for them. I coach people through monthly challenge groups to feel good about themselves, their lives and their bodies as they transform and create a whole new healthy lifestyle for themselves through fitness and nutrition.

If you are interested in joining this journey, either as one of my challengers or if you are inspired to become a coach yourself, please get in touch for more information.

Media & Published Work

Recent Travels:Published Media Logos

  • Currently based in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island
  • The Netherlands, October 2015
  • Vancouver Island, Canada, 2015
  • Antwerp, Belgium, March 2014
  • The Netherlands, February/March 2014
  • Sochi Russia,  2014 Winter Olympic Games – February 2014
  • Costa Rica – November/December 2013
  • London, England – August 2012
  • The Netherlands – August 2012
  • Bali, Indonesia – May 2011
  • Thailand – March/April 2011
  • Bali, Indonesia – April/May 2010
  • Austin, Texas, USA – March 2010
  • Yukon Territory, Canada – February 2010
  • Belize – December 2009
  • Mayan Riviera, Mexico – December 2009
  • Northern British Columbia, Canada – August 2009
  • Quebec City Carnaval – February 2009
  • The Netherlands – September 2008
  • Mayan Riviera, Mexico – February 2007
  • The Netherlands – July 2006