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Wildlife: Vancouver Island Garter Snake

Vancouver Island Garter Snake

I ran into this Vancouver Island garter snake yesterday while watering the garden and managed to get quite close to take this video. He was actually quite curious and came to check out my iPhone while I took the video before slithering away. About Garter Snakes Most garter snakes have a pattern of yellow stripes on a brown or green ...

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The Molson Canadian Passport Fridge

Molson Passport Fridge

One of THE coolest things at the Sochi 2014 Olympics had to be the Molson Canadian Passport Fridge at Canada Olympic House. It’s like a vending machine, only instead of feeding it money, it only opens by scanning a Canadian passport. The fridge was turned on each day of the Games during Victory Hour, between 5pm and 6pm. I was still ...

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Thailand’s Songkran Festival

Mariska Songkran Weapon

From April 13-15, Thailand celebrates their new year with the Songkran Festival. During these three days, the entire country participates in the biggest water fight in the world. The throwing of water started as a way to pay respect, by capturing the water after it had been poured over the Buddhas for cleansing and then using this “blessed” water to ...

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Sochi Day 8 – Speed Skating Day!

Team Canada - Team Pursuit Speed Skating Sochi 2014

It was team pursuit speed skating day! I went to the Olympic Park early and met up with some other Canadians to grab a couple of drinks (ok, ok, beers…) in the sun before our day’s events. As we sat on our bench, people watching, probably one out of every three Russians walking by either wanted a photo with us ...

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My Face Was On the MegaFon Pavilion!

Sochi 2014 - MegaFon Pinart Jumbotron

One of the coolest sponsor displays at Sochi 2014 had to be MegaFon Faces on the jumbotron in the Olympic park. The MegaFon jumbotron wasn’t just ANY jumbotron though… Remember those Pinart things where you put your hand in to depress the pins so it takes the shape of your hand (or whatever other body part or object you put in ...

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Men’s Quarterfinal Hockey: Canada vs Latvia

Canada vs Latvia with the Helmet Heads

  Canadians were buzzing with anticipation as they entered the Bolshoy for the Canada vs Latvia quarterfinal hockey. It’s always interesting walking into an event solo, not knowing who you will be sitting with or the energy of those around you. I was pleasantly surprised and excited to find that my seat was beside these guys! Canadian superfans always make ...

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Sochi Day 2: Sunshine, Short Track and Swiss House

Short Track Speed Skating - Sochi 2014 Olympics

Sunshine! I woke up on Day 2 to a beautiful day. It was sunny and about 18 degrees celsius. I decided to take a walk along the boardwalk along the river Mzymta before heading toward the Olympic Park and these are the views I was faced with. Adler was absolutely beautiful! It was so warm that I found myself wishing I ...

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Digital Nomads: Goodbye commute, hello world

Digital Nomad

Back in October, I took the leap of becoming a Digital Nomad and 2014 is the year this becomes a reality. I watched this video made by oDesk today and it has inspired me once again to believing that it’s all possible. Digital Nomads: Goodbye commute, hello world My nomadic adventure began with a month-long trip to Costa Rica at the ...

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CBC’s Road to the Olympics with the Olympic Spirit Project!

The Olympic Spirit Project on CBC

This morning I had my first ever television interview! It was with Heather Hiscox of Toronto’s CBC News Now morning show, featured on CBC’s Road to the Olympics segment. Because of the 3-hour time difference, my alarm went off at 4:30am to be awake and ready for the 5:20am call. Here’s how it went: The whole thing went so fast! I’ve ...

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