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CIBC’s Welcome Home to Paralympic Athlete Braydon Luscombe

This morning I was invited to attend CIBC’s Welcome Home event for local Paralympian, Braydon Luscombe at the bank’s Duncan branch.

Mariska Richters and Braydon Luscombe

Braydon, a 21-year-old para-alpine skier, began para-skiing at age six at the Mount Washington Alpine Resort in BC, as way to help him overcome his impairment. He had his right leg amputated after contracting necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating disease) as a child and competes in the standing category.

I had a chance to chat with Braydon and it was interesting to hear about his Sochi Paralympic experience. Highlights included competing with his team and the incredible support from his family and Canadian fans. For those of you who may have been wondering, the athletes CAN hear you cheering from the gates at the top of the hill before they begin their races! So next time you’re at an alpine competition event, CHEER LOUD!!

Braydon Luscombe

Braydon’s lowlights were mostly snow related. He said it was either heavy and slushy or hard and icy, which made it difficult for the “one-leggers” as he called himself and his team mates. A lesser lowlight was that his practice and  racing schedules were so busy that he did not have time to attend any other Paralympic events. He said he would have to plan that a bit better next time.

Since being home, Braydon has chopped off his mullet and says he has a full appreciation for what us ladies need to do to maintain our lovely locks. He plans to move to Victoria, BC to be closer to an international airport (as he travels about 12 times a year to train and compete), his training facilities, and his girlfriend. He is still deciding on his summer training plans, but he will either be in Victoria or Whistler to train for next season’s competitions.

Braydon competed in six events in Sochi, you’ll find his race results here. He was presented with CIBC’s Welcome Home banner and a Sochi 2014 Paralympics gold coin at the event.  You can follow his ongoing journey via Twitter at @OneLeggedHustla (love the handle!)

Congratulations Braydon!

Braydon Luscombe Braydon Luscombe

Torch Relay at Robson Square with Roberto Luongo

You could feel that Olympic energy returning to Robson Square last night with the torch relay coming through, carried by Roberto Luongo. Hoping to see the fans just as excited during the Paralympic Games over the next ten days in support of the amazing athletes and the additional challenges they face in order to compete in this amazing event.

The crowd gets hyped for Roberto Luongo’s arrival.

Paralympic Torch Relay at Robson Square

Luongo finally arrives.

Paralympic Torch Relay at Robson Square

Luongo’s family, excited to see him.

Paralympic Torch Relay at Robson Square

Paralympic Torch Relay at Robson Square

The lighting of the cauldron.

Paralympic Torch Relay at Robson Square

Paralympic Torch Relay at Robson Square

Passing the torch to the next 24 hour relay torch bearer.

Paralympic Torch Relay at Robson Square

Gabriela Luongo joined her father on stage.

Paralympic Torch Relay at Robson Square

Paralympic Torch Relay at Robson Square

Paralympic Torch Relay at Robson Square

Gold medal winner, Roberto Luongo with his family.

Paralympic Torch Relay at Robson Square

Post torch even interview. Luong speaks about his gold medal (he showed it to Ryan Kessler first!), the paralympics, the sledge hockey team and how the Olympics affected his NHL game.


After all the Luongo excitement was over, I was excited to meet one of the day’s torch bearers. He told me all about riding on the bus with Roberto Luongo that day and how excited he was about having the honour of carrying the torch.

Paralympic Torch Bearer

For more photos from the Robson Square event, please visit my flickr page.