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Premier Campbell on the Olympic Zipline

Yesterday I was able to catch Premier Gordon Campbell and Olympian Charmaine Crooks fly down the temporary Olympic Zipline at Robson Square. It took him some time to actually step off the platform and take the plunge, but eventually he did and here are some photos of the event.

Premier Gordon Campbell on the Zipline

Premier Gordon Campbell on the Zipline

Premier Gordon Campbell on the Zipline

Premier Gordon Campbell on the Zipline

Premier Gordon Campbell on the Zipline

In the interview following the zipline, the Premier told news crews that the hardest part was stepping off the platform (especially considering his injured foot), but once he was going it was a great experience. he even tried to do a backward somersault, but was unsuccessful…

The zipline itself crosses over Robson Square from the top of the law courts to the Vancouver Art Gallery. It will be up throughout the Games from February 12 to 28th, from 10am to 9pm, and is FREE to the public! If you are up for the adventure I highly recommend arriving early, as the lineups for this once in a lifetime activity will likely be long! They plan on shooting 70 people down the line each hour, so chances sound pretty good that the lineup will move quite quickly! So come early and have FUN!!


Code Live Opening Celebration

On February 4th, I was lucky to be invited to the Code Live Opening Celebration.

Code Live is part of the 2010 Cultural Olympiad and is a showcase for insteractove arts, cutting edge music and culture. It runs from February 4th to 21st.

There are two main locations for this Cultural Olympiad event. One is at Emily Carr University of Art and Design on Granville Island, the other is at the Center for Digital Media, on Great Norhtern Way. There are also other installations at various locations around Vancouver over the course of the 2010 Games.
Code Live Opening


Great Northern Way Campus: Centre for Digital Media

Dune 4.0: Studio Roosegaarde (Netherlands)
Artificial Moon: Wang Yuyang, curated by Li Zhenhua (China)
Where are you?: Luc Courschene (Canada)
787 Cliparts: Oliver Laric (Austria)
Vested: Don Ritter (Canada)
Cambridge Bay: A Time and a Place: Souns featuring Tanya Tagaq (Canada)
We are Stardust: George Legrady (Canada)
Paparazzi Bots: Ken Rinaldo (USA)
Condemned Bulbes: Artificiel (Canada)
ECO ART: World Without Water: Tahir Mahmood, co presentation with the Canadian Film Centre (Canada)
Greenhouse: Brendan Wypich, co presentation with the Canadian Film Centre (Canada)
Akoumasflore: Scenoscome, co presentation with the Canadian Film Centre (France)
Seed: Napoleon Brosseau and Gabe Sahwney
Mondo Spider: Zero Emissions: eatART (Canada)
mo_ving: Raquel Kogan, curated by Claudio Rivera-Seguel (Brazil/Chile)
Breaking the Ice: Societé des arts technologiques (Canada)
Reactable: Sergi Jordà, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Günter Geiger and Marcos Alonso (Austria/Spain)
Instant Places: Canada CODE: Ian Birse, Laura Kavanaugh (Canada)
PLAY: The Hertzian Collective: Geoffrey Shea (Canada)
Analogue Nostalgia Presents / présente – Foreign Voices, Common Stories (Ghettoblaster): James Phillips (Canada)

Code Live Opening

CODE Lounge: Featuring works by Organelle and Shea Allan-McCachen

EmilyCarr University of Art and Design

The Paradise Institute: Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller (Canada)
Organized by the National Gallery of Canada
Electromode / Peau d’Ane : Valerie Lamontagne (Canada)
Skorpions and Captain Electric : Joanna Berzowska, XS Labs (Canada)
Walking City and Living Pod : Ying Gao (Canada)
Company Keeper and Emotional Ties : Sara Diamond (Canada)
Blue Code, Jacket Antics and Tornado Dress (Barbara Layne, Studio subTela: Canada)
Electric Skin and Barking Mad L Suzi Webster with Jordan Benwick (Canada)
Tendrils : Thecla Schiphorst (Canada)
*glisten)HIVE: Julie Andreyev (Canada)
CODE.lab: M. Simon Levin and Jer Thorp with Emily Carr Students and Faculty (Canada)
Song of Solomon: Julian Jonker and Ralph Borland (South Africa)
Odd Spaces: Faisal Anwar (Canada / Pakistan)
CODE Dialogues: Co presented with Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Canada)

Code Live Opening
Vancouver Central Library

The Sacred Touch: Ranjit Makkuni (India)
Seen: David Rokeby (Canada)
When the Gods Came Down to Earth: Srinivas Krishna (Canada)
Room to Make Your Peace: 2010 Olympic Truce Project

Around Vancouver

Vectorial Elevation: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Canada)
Fearless Mobile, OMG IM ON DOT TV, Untold Histories: W2 Community Media Arts Society (Canada)
Intersection 2010: Bright Light: Presented by the city of Vancouver (Canada)
NeoGrafik: NomIg (Ed Jordan, Stephanie MacKay), Alexis Laurence (Canada)
PacuBoxes: Tom Kuo, Rachel Vulliers, Jacqueline Nuwame and Anthea Foyer:
Canadian Film Centre (Canada)
Glocal Urban Screen Project: Surrey Art Gallery (Canada)

Code Live Opening

For more information, visit the CODE Live Website.

Lunar Fest on Granville Street

As part of Cultural Olympiad programming, LunarFest is Canada’s premier presenter of contemporary expression in Asian arts and culture. It endeavors to reach new Canadians and those who have been here for many generations to share in the diversity of Canada. It also encourages and fosters the collaboration of Canadian and International cultural presenters to create new forms of artistic expressions. LunarFest is a festival that brings together Soul, Art and Life on one stage.

During Jan 22nd- Feb28th 2010, a Lunar New Year celebration like no other will take over the grounds of Downtown Vancouver with thousands of lanterns decorated by school age children and large commissioned lantern displays. This free public display of lanterns as well as gathering of artisans and cultural performances brings together the celebration of Lunar New Year and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic spirit.

Lunar Fest on Granville Street

So prepare to be dazzled by the sea of lanterns and join in the celebration.

(source: http://www.lunarfest.org)

Lunar Fest will adorn the 700 block of Granville Street between Georgia and Robson from January 22 to February 28, 2010. Richmond will also have a display at Richmond City Hall Plaza from February 9th to 28th.


Lunar Fest on Granville Street

Lunar Fest on Granville Street

Lunar Fest on Granville Street

Attention Curling Fans!!!

For all you Curling fans out there, you will have the unique opportunity to attend a special appearrance by curling superstars, Team Bernard & Team Martin at The Olympic Superstore, The Bay Downtown Vancouver!

On Thursday, January 28th, the first 200 curling fans to purchase a Signature Series item at The Olympic Superstore at The Bay Downtown Vancouver have a chance to meet curling superstars Team Bernard and Team Martin.

One of the following items must be purchased at The Olympic Superstore at The Bay Downtown in order to meet Bernard and Martin and have it autographed in person:

* Signature Series Men’s Team Signed 8×10 Matted Photo
* Signature Series Woman’s Team Signed 8×10 Matted Photo
* Signature Series Men’s/Women’s Combined Team Signed 16×20 Photo
* Signature Series 2010 Curling Poster

Prices start at $49. Signature Series items are currently on sale at The Bay Downtown Vancouver.

Thursday, January 28th
The Olympic Superstore, The Bay Downtown Vancouver
Team Bernard 4:30 – 6:30 pm
Team Martin 6:30 – 8:30 pm

(Please remember that the Olympic Superstore accepts only Visa and cash.)


Preparing the City for the World

Vancity is buzzing with activities in preparation and anticipation for the coming Winter Games.

In 22 days, Vancouver will host the world with Glowing hearts!

Flags and banners are starting to appear in all corners of the city.

Olympics flags popping up around the city Olympics flags popping up around the city

VANOC venue access tents (aka security check points) are being erected, these can be found just on the west side of BC Place, one of the main entrance for the 2010 Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as for the Nightly Victory Ceremonies.

The tents are going up!

Deliveries are arriving, as seen here on Pacific Avenue, across from BC Place.

Deliveries being delivered

Fan gathering places are starting to pop up all over the city. Two examples seen here at Library Square on Georgia and Homer as well as at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Robson and Hornby.

Viewing area at Homer and Georgia

Vancouver Art Gallery viewing area

Roads are being closed all over the city, these photos taken around GM Place.

Accredited access only

Abbott Street closed at GM Place Abbott Street closed at GM Place

Games sponsors are making themselves known as they manifest themselves on the sides of entire buildings and on various billboards. This one partially completed can be seen from the corner of Hornby and Georgia.

Buildings being covered in ads

Fences are going up and security is starting to tighten, as you can see here at GM Place, just outside the Costco entrance.

Security fences at GM Place

GM’s fleet of sponsored vehicles is ready to crawl the city.

GM sponsored vehicles

Stages are being built for upcoming entertainment acts. This one is found beside the skating rink at Robson Square.

Stage being built at Robson Square

And of course we have the Vancouver Police Department roaming the streets on horseback!

Vancouver Mounted Police on Mooseback?

With three weeks remaining before the world visits our beautiful city, I’m sure we will continue to see the city transform for this exciting world event!

Make sure you start planning, this is the perfect time to get your game plan sorted before the storm hits Vancouver… Plan your movement and your schedule wisely, it will be wild…

Winter Games Sponsors

With 24 days remaining on the countdown clock today, the city is quickly filling up with Winter Games sponsored advertising. Here are a few examples I captured on a short downtown photowalk this afternoon.

One sponsor has taken over two sides of the TD Building on the corner of Howe and Georgia. On the other corner we see the city’s patriotism, while we wait for the clock to count down the few remaining days until the festivities begin.

This rotating billboard on Seymour and Nelson, has all three sides showing games related sponsors.

Vancouver2010 sponsors: Visa

Vancouver2010 sponsors Vancouver2010 sponsors

Robson Square decked out with logos on the pillars, the glass and on the ice from the rink’s sponsor.

Vancouver2010 sponsors: GE Vancouver2010 sponsors: GE

Entire buses have been covered! This one was spotted on the corner of Howe and Nelson.

Vancouver2010 sponsor: Samsung

This entire building is plastered with advertising for the official Games clothing, on the corner of Granville and Georgia.

Vancouver2010 sponsors: The Bay

Great big displays, including event mascots, in the hallways of Pacific Center.

Vancouver2010 sponsors: Samsung

With the Games fast approaching, and the more sponsorship ads we start to see, Vancouver2010 fever and fan excitement will surely spread like wildfire soon enough!