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The Decline of Common Courtesy

This is going to be a bit of a rant. I’m frustrated.

Frustrated with how common courtesy simply doesn’t seem to be a THING anymore.

What happened to asking someone how they are doing or how they’ve been before asking them for something you want from them?

Is common courtesy is fading away with the advancement of technology?

Thanks to technology, people have become instant gratification junkies and have almost forgotten that there’s actually a human being with hopes, dreams, feelings and a life at the other end of their text message. Someone who might be having a shit day, or could really use a friendly message from someone in that moment, only is made to feel insignificant when there is no regard for them as a human being.

It’s no longer a “Hi! How are you? How have you been? What’s new?” society, but more of a “Hey, I need something from you right now!” society. Sometimes the “Hey” is even totally omitted too. 

What has happened to the idea of actually caring about the human being on the other end of the message?

Common Courtesy

I’m not going to claim to be completely innocent of this, I’ve done it too. 

However, over the past few years I have been making an effort to connect with people on the other end of my messages before I ask them to go out of their way for me, or ask a favor of them. Sometimes – and I know this is totally crazy – but sometimes I just message them to see how they’re doing and don’t actually want anything from them at all!

There are people who sometimes reach out to me after months or even YEARS of no contact and and without so much as a “how have you been?” they ask me for a favour. 

Please. People. Be humans. Be kind. Connect. Interact.

Make the person on the other end of your text message feel appreciated, cared about and important. Not just a means to an end (yours).  

Kindness costs nothing. Asking someone how they are, costs nothing.  Asking how life is treating them, or how their vacation was, or how their work is going, costs nothing! Making someone feel good and appreciated, costs nothing. 

My Courtesy Challenge to You

I challenge you to catch yourself, and not just go straight in for the end game of getting something from the person you are contacting. Start by asking how they’re doing and connect to something in their life first, wait for a reply, and only then decide if it’s appropriate to ask them for whatever you need from them.

You just might help someone have a better day. You just might have an unexpected impact. You just might still get what you’re after, and this time that person just might be happy to help you out, rather than feel used and unappreciated.

And after you get what you want, PLEASE express your heartfelt thanks. Yes, HEARTFELT thanks, it’s a thing. Drop a comment below, if you accept the challenge!

Common courtesy. Let’s bring it back. Let’s make it a thing in 2020. 

Life a Life You Love

end rant —/

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