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A Monumental Day In My Business

Today is a monumental day in my business.

First, let me tell you how absolutely amazing our company is that they paid us 3 days early today! Whooop!!!

Second, and this is the monumental part, when I saw my paycheque land in my account a few minutes ago, I got curious and had the idea to look at my old pay stubs from my last full time office job, and here’s what I found —> I have officially EXCEEDED my previous job’s monthly income by $47!!!

So here’s the thing.

When I started with this business, all I wanted was to make $500 per month to help with our household bills while Adam and I built up our coaching business, The Cycling Co. That $500 was going to help relieve some financial stress and allow us to still have a bit of fun and go on date nights, as new business owners.

When I hit my goal of $500 after 3 months, my “Why” changed.

You see, we had gotten married about 9 months earlier, and we never went on a proper honeymoon. So I set my new goal to earn $2000/month with my online business, so that we could save some money to take the trip of our dreams for our honeymoon.

7 months later I hit that goal.

(We are planning our honeymoon later this year!)

The Next Goal

The next goal I set for myself (because why stop now) was to earn enough m

oney with my online business to replace my previous full time employment income.

You see, when I left my last office job, I swore that I would find a way to never have to work in that environment again. I knew that there were other ways to earn an income that did not require me to commute in traffic to and from an office everyday, sit in a stuffy windowless cubicle, in an office where I was the only woman, where although I liked the work, I felt I was not treated as an equal in the workplace.

I would NEVER go back to that environment. (There is more to this story, but I will leave that for another time.)


Today (5 months later) it happened! Today my monthly income from my online business has exceeded the full time monthly income from my last office job!

And THAT is a reason to CELEBRATE!!!!!

#celebrationfriday #livealifeyoulove #whynotyou

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