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The Work/Freedom Balance of Location Independence

[This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9]

My first location independence experience was in Bali. My aunt has a home in North Bali, so I decided to spend a month there to take a break from the riffraff of home with a working holiday.  The key to getting the work done, as well as experiencing the freedom I so craved, was balancing the two.

The Work/Freedom Balance of Location Independence

I found that maintaining some form of schedule was imperative to making the work/freedom lifestyle balance work. I would build my work schedule around the things I wanted to see, explore and do in Bali. Having changed my personal lifestyle somewhat (I’m much more active than I used to be), I imagine an average day looking something like this:

A Day of Freedom:

Wake up early (around 6am, thanks to the local roosters) and start the day with a 30-minute workout beside the pool, followed by a dip. My tea and breakfast is ready when I finish swimming and I check and respond to email while I eat.

Today, the plan is to visit Air Panas in the late morning. We will leave at 11am. So,I get some work done, edit yesterday’s photos and upload them to Flickr while I schedule my social media posts for the day, bearing my home time zone in mind to ensure maximum engagement opportunities.

Air Panas hot springs in Bali, Indonedia

Air Panas hot springs in Bali, Indonedia

I spend the morning working on my business and then head out for the afternoon to explore and photograph the hot springs – both with my DSLR and my iPhone for easy social media posting later.

On the way back from the hot springs, we make an unexpected stop at one of the only Buddhist temples on the island of Bali. It’s so peaceful here, I could meditate here for hours.

Buddhist Temple in Banjar, Bali

When we get back to the villa, it is nearly dinner time. I try to spend so time in the kitchen a couple of times a week, learning about Balinese/Indonesian cooking. (Learning local cooking is something I always like to do when traveling in new places.)

After dinner I watch the sunset from the upper deck of the villa, as I check in on my social media, respond to engagement, post images and updates from the day and spend a couple of hours working, as my home time zone is just waking up.

Villa Kembang Kertas Bali - Sunset View from upper deck View from upper deck.

An Average Day of the Freedom Lifestyle

A basic  schedule for my location independed freedom lifestyle includes:

  • Waking up early
  • Getting my workout in, first thing
  • Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast
  • Spend 2-3 hours working
  • Spend the afternoon exploring/enjoying my current location
  • Eat a healthy dinner
  • Spend another 2-3 hours working
  • Head to bed

Depending on my location, this schedule may be changed up, depending on what is planned for the day or what opportunity is presented. However, the idea is to spend a minimum of 4 hours working each day.

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