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Mentorship – “We Rise By Lifting Others”

[This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6]

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”? ~Zig Ziglar

I strongly believe this. Looking back over my life and the groups of people I chose to spend my time with, it becomes very apparent (in hindsight) that the group members influenced each other in one way or another.

So which 5 people would you choose to have to yourself in a room where you could ask them any question you like? Who would you choose? and what would you ask them?

Mentorship #10dbc

For me, I can name a good number of people I admire and whose businesses inspire me. My top mentor opportunities would be:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Do you follow GaryVee? This man’s energy blows me away! I love his enthusiasm for life and other people’s success and helping them get there. The blunt way he communicates is refreshing – no sugar coating here, people!. He sees the world through an interesting lens.

My question for GaryVee would be, “What is the biggest road block that new entrepreneurs hit that makes them give up just when they should push harder? And what is your advice to them?”

Sir Richard Branson

This is a man who I believe understands work/life balance. He has built up a huge empire of businesses, while still prioritizing time with family and to do the things he wants and loves to do.

My question for Sir Branson would be, “How do you switch your mind from work mode to life mode without allowing one to get in the way of the other? How do you find and maintain that balance?”

And a second question would be, “What are the initial steps you take to bring a new idea into reality?”

Anthony Robbins

I’d love the opportunity to meet with Tony Robbins. His ability to see through someone’s bullshit(even when they don’t even know it’s bullshit) is amazing! And then his ability to break through that obstacle and rebuild from there to something inspiring and motivating is incredible. My question for him would be, “What can I do better to help inspire and motivate others?”

Natalie Sisson

I suppose this one is a bit obvious, as Natalie is the leader of the blog challenge for which I’m writing this post. I’ve followed Natalie Sisson’s journey for several years now, have done a few of her challenges and her Mastermind program. I actually met her once at her book launch event in Vancouver (do you remember, Natalie?) 😉 , and as you may devise from her videos and podcasts, she’s lovely!

My question for Natalie would be, “How do you choose what to outsource and what to look after yourself? And what is your criteria for your outsourcers?”

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