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Spend a Night in the KLM Airplane Apartment!

The Dutch have done it again! I’ve always been a fan of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The airline was practically part of the family back when my Opa (grandfather) was a pilot with them and I do my best to fly with them (or their partners) whenever I travel. The airline has come up with some great marketing campaigns in the past, but as an avid traveler, I think this one is just awesome!

KLM Airplane Apartment on Airbnb

KLM has come up with a super fun idea to give a few lucky winners an opportunity to spend a night on one of their planes. This is not just any plane – they’ve converted a McDonnell Douglas: MD11 into a spacious apartment and have listed it on Airbnb!  

KLM Airplane Apartment on Airbnb

KLM Airplane Apartment – What’s Included

According to the listing, the airplane is “Located right beside the runway of Amsterdam’s bustling Schiphol airport,” and it “comes with all conveniences and will truly be your home away from home.”

The plane accommodates four people in two bedrooms with three beds and a whopping eight (yes 8!) bathrooms! (That’s two bathrooms per person!) There is also a kitchen on board, a television, wifi connection, gaming console, and of course comfy first class chairs to enjoy aviation-themed films (including Top Gun and The Aviator) on the entertainment system.

If you’re an airplane buff and you’re interested in the plane’s history, according to KLM, this MD11 has crossed the globe 3,675 times. (I wonder if any of those flights had Opa in the cockpit?)

KLM Airplane Apartment - Dining

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It’s FREE to Stay in the KLM Airplane Apartment!

Yes! That’s right! It’s FREE!!

But there’s a catch. You will have to convince KLM in 100 words or less why they should choose to fly you to Amsterdam to stay in their airplane apartment on November 28/29 or 30, 2014.

If you win, please keep the following house rules in mind:

  • No flying. 
  • Don’t use the inflatable emergency slide. 
  • Smoking is not allowed when the non-smoking sign is on. 
  • No marshmallow roasting with the jet engines. 
  • Please water our plants and feed our fish. 
  • The consumption of alcohol is not allowed. 
  • Please treat our plane like you treat your own plane.

How to Apply to stay in the KLM Airplane Apartment

Go to the Airbnb listing and click Contact Host. Next choose a date and write your 100 words (or less) explaining why they should choose you and who you would bring with you. It’s that easy!

KLM Airplane Apartment - Living RoomKLM Airplane Apartment - Bookshelf

KLM Airplane Apartment -Bedroom

KLM Airplane Apartment - Floor Plan

What are you waiting for?!

The deadline to enter the KLM Airplane Apartment contest November 20. I’m going to head over and submit my own application right now, because I think this contest is just fantastic!

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  1. This is AMAZING! The house number on the side of the plane made me giggle.

    I am, however, wondering if they’ve managed to fit a shower (or a bathtub!) in at least one of those eight bathrooms 🙂

  2. Isn’t it amazing, Laura?! I just LOVE this idea! Good question about the shower… I’m sure they thought of something, the Dutch are pretty clever. 😉

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