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OctoberGrams 2014

Fall on Vancouver Island is one of the most beautiful times of year. These OctoberGrams are a collection of some of my most popular Instagram posts from October 2014. All photos were shot and edited with an iPhone 5s.

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Lighthouse in Staley Park, #Vancouver #Canada #StanleyPark #lighthouse #redandwhite

A photo posted by Mariska Richters (@mariskar) on

An amazing walk in the woods along the Cowichan River near Skutz Falls. #cowichan #explorebc #leaves #fall #ILiveHere A photo posted by Mariska Richters (@mariskar) on

A Victoria sunset with a tiny sliver of the moon at the blue hour. #sunset #moon #bluehour #victoria #explorebc A photo posted by Mariska Richters (@mariskar) on

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