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Little People

I spent last week on Vancouver Island, and spent some good quality time with my almost-three-year-old nephew and godson.

I love the simplicity that life carries for children. Their constant questions and curiosities, innocence and trust, freedom and imagination. These are truly things to admire in the little people all around us. We, as adults, should all aspire to rediscover these things within ourselves. I believe that if we could recapture even a fraction of our childhood, we might see the world through completely different eyes…

With that in mind, I hope you enjoy the following images and I invite your feedback and comments. Enjoy!



Father & Son 32

Children at Play 9 Children at Play 8

Child at Play



Emily & Megan 11 Emily & Megan 21

Emily & Megan 25

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  1. Love the photographs of the children. Well captured!

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