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Let's Chat About Gut Health

The Importance of Gut Health and Signs that You May Have an Unhealthy Gut

Did you know that many health conditions stem from our gut health? It kinda makes sense, if you think about it. Our gut is where the nutrients from our food is digested and absorbed. And depending on what we are putting into our body, our gut health reflects that.  Research ...

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Our Immune Health Starts in our Gut

Our Immune Health Starts in Our Gut

Did you know that our immune health starts in our gut? I makes sense, if you think about it, since the gut is where everything we eat gets absorbed. So if we have an unhealthy gut, we may also have a weak immune system. With this in mind, I wanted ...

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Gluten Free Banana Protein Pancakes

Recipe: Gluten Free Banana Protein Pancakes

Me and my sweet tooth LOVE pancakes! But gluten is a problem for me, so I found this flourless banana pancake recipe and I’m OBSESSED! They are super easy to make with only 3 ingredients, and they have a serving of protein, carbs and fruit to help you get your ...

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Social Distancing in the Woods with My Beasties

Social Distancing – A Test of Humanity

Today, I am doing my best version of “Social Distancing,” due to COVID-19. Getting my Sunday therapy session in the woods. Sunshine. Fresh air. Peace and quiet. Beasties. It’s all I need to get me through another week for my 14 days of self isolation. It feels like all the ...

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Identifying Toxic Humans - Bless and Release

Identifying Toxic Humans, Bless and Release

It has been quite a while since I have had a toxic human in my life that upset me in a way that rocked me to my core. I’m learning that despite hopes and wishes and long periods of time, some things simply never change. As humans, we just simply ...

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Common Courtesy Isn't That Common Anymore

The Decline of Common Courtesy

This is going to be a bit of a rant. I’m frustrated. Frustrated with how common courtesy simply doesn’t seem to be a THING anymore. What happened to asking someone how they are doing or how they’ve been before asking them for something you want from them? Is common courtesy ...

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Mariska Richters - 2020

Allow Me to Introduce Myself: I’m Mariska Richters!

Happy New Year, Friends!  With a new year, a new DECADE, and so many new visitors to my page, I thought it a good time to re-introduce myself. I’m Mariska Richters, and this page is where I share my life adventures, travel addiction, my loveable fur babies, Roxidoo and Cash, ...

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Intermittent Fasting Benefits and Tips

What is Intermittent Fasting and the What Are the Benefits?

Intermittent fasting is where you cycle in and out of periods of eating and not eating. Although people do experience weight loss with intermittent fasting, it is not so much a diet plan but more of a lifestyle choice to take advantage of some incredible health benefits, some of which are listed in the section below.

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A Monumental Day In My Business

Today is a monumental day in my business. First, let me tell you how absolutely amazing our company is that they paid us 3 days early today! Whooop!!! Second, and this is the monumental part, when I saw my paycheque land in my account a few minutes ago, I got ...

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Mariska on Mondays

I used to dread Mondays…

I used to dread Mondays…  I used to start thinking about my work week on Sunday afternoons. My entire Monday evenings would be spent stressing out about how much I REALLY did’t want to go into the office the next morning to spend my whole week in a windowless cubicle, ...

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