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I wish I had these for my wedding last year!

 Last year on this day I was one month away from marrying my best friend.

Mariska & Adam - Wedding Day

I worked so hard over the months before to be healthy and fit for my wedding day. I ate healthy, I watched my portions, I worked out everyday so I would fit into my dress and feel fantastic! 

But the last month before the big day was the hardest. The prosecco started flowing as did the tasty foods and treats (ah-hem, cake tasting!!) well before the big day. It was hard to say no!! 

Although I didn’t know about them at the time (because I was not with the company yet), I really REALLY wish I had some tightening and toning body wraps to help me feel more comfortable and to fit better into my dress on my wedding day! 

These wraps are honestly amzing! The first time I tried one, I had my doubts. I thought to myself, “there’s no way these things actually do what they are claiming.” But then I tried one and sure enough: RESULTS!! 

Even Adam said, “I need to try one of those!” Hahaha!!

It Works Wraps - Mariska's ResultsThese wraps are great if you want to tone up for a wedding or special event. They’re perfect if you’re on a weight loss journey or you’ve just had a baby and you have some loose skin that you’d like to tighten up. They’re fantastic if your skin is losing elasticity. And they are awesome if you just want to feel incredible in that bikini on the beach this summer! 

I just got a new shipment of wraps in and I’m willing to give a few up to anyone who wants to try one for $30cad/$25usd each with no further obligation, or you can go all in for a full pack of 4 wraps for $83cad/$59usd!

Are you curious to try one? Contact me for details, or simply order them online


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